Next RDS Forum meeting on 21 & 22 October at Geneva

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We know two manufacturers RDS encoders: RDS Forum member WorldCast Systems (formerly Auditem/Aztec) and former RDS Forum member 2wcom. They both use the UECP (Universal Encoder Communication Protocol) for legacy RDS features, but not yet for RDS2. A mix of these encoders can thus be used in the same transmitter network.

WorldCast Systems / Audemat

Audemat, a member of the WorldCast Systems group, is a pioneer in RDS technology and has played an active role in the RDS Forum since its inception. With over 17,000 units sold, these RDS encoders are used by broadcasters on every continent throughout the world. From the industry standard FMB80 through to the low-cost 'Silver' line of encoders, these products are compatible with all major automation software brands, offer high quality and spectral purity and are designed for continuous on- air operation.

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We also draw attention to the highly innovative FM transmitter product range from this manufacturer. One of these new FM transmitters has even an integrated RDS encoder.