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As far as the international standards are concerned, the RDS Forum has completed the RDS2 development which it had started in 2014.

Important milestones are the C-group type definition and the RDS2 file transfer protocol RFT, both in IEC 62106-2 Ed2 (2021) and the new ODAs Station logo, Slideshow and Internet connection which are all in IEC 62106-6 Ed2 (2023).

The ITU-R Rec BS.643-4 (2022) on RDS was updated to include the RDS2 option and all new references to the restructured RDS standard IEC 62106 (all parts) as it exists since 2018.

The Radio World published in 2019 the following article on RDS2. To get oan overview on the development work done by the RDS Forum, this article remains a good reference, see here.

In March 2023 the RDS Forum published the Position paper 23-01 on the RDS2 development status which helps to understand the state of the RDS2 development reached by now. You can download it from here.