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Open Data Registration (RDS standard IEC-6206-3:2018 - Annex A)

Here you can download the registration procedure PDF forms to be returned to the RDS Forum Office

Every data application using the Open Data Applications (ODA) must be transmitted together with an Application Identification (AID) number. The AID number, for each ODA, is allocated by the RDS Registrations Office in Switzerland, e-mail: Forms must be completed fully (every question must be answered - the RDS Registrations Office will advise, if difficulty is experienced) and sent to the RDS Registrations Office, together with the nominal registration fee of EUR 500, which is payable in advance. Subject to satisfactory completion, an AID number will be allocated and a certificate containing the AID allocation will be returned to the applicant. Transmissions carrying an AID must adhere fully to the RDS standard IEC 62106 (all parts) and the details, specifications and references of the relevant registration. Any subsequent updates, that do not change the fundamental requirements for the transmission of that ODA, may allow continued use of the same AID, but advice should be sought from the RDS Registrations Office. General details will be kept in the updated RDS Forum ODA Directory, which is published on this web site, and which is maintained by the RDS Forum Office in Geneva, Switzerland.

Users of an AID must satisfy themselves as to the validity of using it and the accuracy of all related information and must accept all due consequence. The RDS Registrations Office is not liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use an AID, whether in transmission or reception equipment.