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In order to update IEC 62106 as from 2015 and to include the RDS2 option, the RDS specification was restructured as follows:

Part 1: RDS system: Modulation characteristics and baseband coding

Part 2: RDS message format, coding and definition of RDS features

Part 3: Coding and registration of Open Data Applications ODAs

Part 4: Registered code tables

Part 5: Marking of RDS and RDS2 devices

Part 6: Compilation of technical specifications for Open Data Applications in the public domain

Note: Parts 7 and 8 will not exist.

Part 9: RBDS

Part 10: Universal Encoder Communication Protocol UECP (with full support for RDS2)

The original specifications of the RDS system have been maintained and a number of extra functionalities for RDS2 have been added.

Obsolete or unused functions from the original RDS standard have been deleted.

For more detail refer to the section Publications/RDS specification.