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The IEC RDS standard IEC 62634 Edition 2 (2015) can be purchased on the Internet from from the IEC webstore.

Enter into the search field the IEC reference 62634.

The RDS Forum 2012 submitted to the IEC standardisation process a revised specification on receiver product measurements to check the minimum RDS performance requirements for three categories of receivers, portable ones, car radios and home receivers. The new standard was approved in July 2013.

The RDS Technical Specification R14/019_1 submitted in 2012 as a draft for the new standard is still available for your own consultation, as a PDF.

The RDS Forum invites you to review it and send your observations back.

Download this PDF (0.3 MB)

Note that you will need a password to open it and you will not be able to print it on paper, for copyright reasons.

You can get your password for free, if you request it by email from here.