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WRTH 2023

The World Radio TV Handbook 2023 or WRTH 2023 is the most accurate and complete guide to the world of radio on LF, MF, SW and VHF, available in any form. This is the 77th edition of this great directory. The 2023 edition is the first to come from its new owners Radio Data Center and a member of the RDS Forum. The Directory of Global Broadcasting was published by WRTH Publications Limited until 2022. The rights have now been transferred to Radio Data Center GmbH (RDC), based in Freising, Germany.

The Features section for this 77th edition includes articles on the Broadcasting History of Andorra, Broadcasting in the Falklands, History of Broadcasting Traffic Information, RDS - The Radio Data System, Airi - The World of Radio for Children, Mining the DX Data, DRM SW Broadcasting by BBC World Service, as well as other topics and updated world maps. The book gives many details on national and international broadcasts and broadcasters, Clandestine and other target broadcasters, MW and SW frequency listings, and an extensive Reference section.

The country by country section of the book now presents the most up-to-date and detailed FM, DAB, and HD radio information. This kind of a reference is just unique if you need radio operation details from countries worldwide.

The editors do not plan to include RDS PI codes and DAB SIds in the printed book as this is are at the very limit regarding the number of pages (actually a weight problem) and only a small percentage of readers would be interested in these technical items.

However, this information is available on the editor's website, and for those who have a professional interest in these details, the Radio Data Center offers paid licenses with full access to all details. Several of their licensees are also members of RDS Forum, and anyone interested in obtaining/accessing such details is invited to contact the editors directly.

The price of the book is EUR / USD 39,90 or GBP 34,90

The editors have created a PWA ("Progressive Web App") which runs in a browser on any modern operating system and device, on smart phones, tablets, PCs, in connected cars and your smart TV at home. The WebApp has the same structure as the printed book, but is updated daily (!), and contains, in addition, addresses and contact details for all stations, including station website, streams, and social media links. As an upgrade to the printed book, it costs only 10 EUR, or 24,90 EUR as a standalone product.

You can order everything from here: